Adobe Illustrator Training in Cairo

Adobe Illustrator training helps creative professionals and organizations create a wide range of design projects and branding initiatives. Get hands-on Adobe Illustrator training to master the popular design platform and escalate your career.  

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Adobe Illustrator Training from New Horizons Cairo

Adobe Illustrator is the industry-standard design application for anyone who wants to work with vector graphics. With over 12 million Adobe subscribers, it’s one of the top design programs used by creative professionals and organizations all over the world.

Adobe Illustrator enables users to create icons, logos, drawings, charts, infographics, typography and illustrations for print, web, mobile and video.

For businesses, Illustrator training enables staff to complete a wide variety of projects from sophisticated logos and branding to print brochures and billboards.

For creative professionals, Adobe Illustrator experience is an essential skill for nearly every design project. Illustrator is relevant across industries and job roles, including marketing, graphic design, web development and video production.

Whether you’re a print designer creating brochures and packaging, a budding web designer or Adobe veteran looking to learn the latest Illustrator features, Adobe Illustrator training at New Horizons Cairo can help you expand your creative skill set.

Adobe Illustrator training will prepare you to:

  • Create and work with shapes
  • Work with custom paths and texts
  • Save images for print and web
  • Design complex illustrations
  • Create vector versions of raster graphics
  • Produce special effects

About Adobe Illustrator 

Adobe Illustrator is the leading software application for creating drawings, illustrations and artwork. Millions of designers use Illustrator to create everything from logos and web icons to book illustrations, product packaging and billboards.

With Adobe Illustrator, you’ll be able to design, create and publish content for print and the web faster, easier and more affordably than ever.

Included with Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Adobe Illustrator helps organizations meet a wide range of design projects. The flexible program makes it easy to create and edit objects and integrates easily with other Adobe applications. And because Adobe Illustrator is vector-based, users can easily scale designs to fit mobile device screens or billboards without sacrificing resolution or quality.

Adobe is constantly improving the Illustrator program with new features and capabilities. Maximize Adobe Illustrator with training from New Horizons Cairo today. >